Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guilty Parties

They seem to be the most guilty parties. In reading from Numbers 26:16-18 starting at verse 16 we read. 
Verse 18they vex you with their wiles -the meaning here- Instead of open war, they plot insidious ways of accomplishing your ruin by idolatry and corruption. Does this start to ring a bell? Our once glorious country America is full of idol worship,  and all manner of corruption due to the plotted out schemes of our enemy using people to do his evil work. He the evil one knows if he can take us down with idol worship and corruption America will not be able to stand, the evil one is seeking to steal kill and destroy our country. He works from the ground level from the inside out. This country can fall. The corruption levels are at an all time high and I surmise we are reaching a tipping point. God's wrath will be administered at some point, I fear in the not to distant future. The Word of God shows us if we even care to learn from it what Abba expects, He shows us how to conduct our lives through the careful study of His Commandments which have been lovingly laid out and preserved for us to live by. He shows us how to fight and defeat our enemy! start by believing and putting your trust in your creator Yahuweh! Let Him fight for you! The Bible can be thought of as our basic instruction before leaving earth . B I B L E. His love letter to His people. Abba does not want to see you fall by the enemies hands.  Please open your hearts, minds and eyes. Look around you, see what is happening . Keep yourself pure and undefiled by this world. he will help you . The enemy is taking all he can and he is using every fleshly thing he can introduce to seduce the sleeping people. He keeps people all wrapped up in their sin in prison. He keeps people so busy making money they have no time left. And he whispers in the ears of the people all kinds of good excuses they can give to just keep doing what they are doing...until it's too late. A good way to judge yourself is to ask Abba what is taking His first place in your life? What do you put first? A good way to notice how far off you are is your time management, if you love Him you would put Him first, it's just like when your in love, that person who you love and adore is the first thing you think of everyday, you a cannot wait to be with them or talk  with them. Return to your first love! Abba warns the churches in revelation to be very careful, they needed to return to there first love

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