Thursday, October 22, 2009

Complete In Christ

When He said, "It is finished" He was! We already have everything we need in Him. Everything to be successful, prosperous, favored...I could go on and on. But why are we not experiencing all the blessings, why do we experience negative stuff? BECAUSE... Everything we think and say defines us. BECAUSE... Of our position in Christ. Our words are the most powerful force we have, what is inside of us will come out with our words and actions. What goes in must and will come out. It is imperative that we fill our mind with right thinking. As children of God we are complete in Christ, we have Jesus Holy Spirit living inside. We are Priests and Kings in His Kingdom. We have been paid for with the ultimate price, The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ bought for us our Freedom and Power to live and reign in this present world as Victors. We have all the promises in Christ Jesus.THAT IS PURE POWER. Our thoughts need to be trained up to think on the things of God. [phil 4:8] What we say as Holy Spirit filled children of God "Will Affect what is manifested in the earthly realm. We as children of the most high God have no business speaking out curse words...These words will have affect...They will manifest an outcome, gone bad. For instance; I heard a person recently say a curse word directed at her unborn baby boy, She damned her son. I was speechless...I woke up at five in the morning praying for this New Mom and her Baby boy. She had know Idea what she was saying and causing. Our words have spiritual ramifications in the causal realm. (The next words taken from the book Commanding your Morning; Page 3.) [Once you understand that the spiritual realm is the "causal realm," you will begin to grasp the massive power of your thoughts, ideas, words, and prayers-- spiritual things that engineer, mold, and craft the current and future state of your temporal existence. ]These words will have an affect on that child. The words are already having an affect, we need to know who we are in Christ. Now we must preemptivley pray for this child, because the damning process is coming around to the earthly realm. Thankfully nothing can prevail against God's spoken Word! There are tons of scripture about right thinking and guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. I really wish I would of known about the power of the word when my kids were small, I'm sure We as a family could of avoided so many negative outcomes. Why do things happen negatively...This is one reason. These thoughts and blog post taken from inspiration by the Holy Spirit and the book Commanding your Morning, by Cindy Trimm.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stream; float, wave in the air.

I hope all of you had an awesome Summer. I'm so sorry to have not blogged much since early Summer Late Spring. I have been livin life! My world consists of Home Girl Stuff; Wife Mom, sister, stuff! Daughter,friend,Mentor, Stuff. Coach, Small Group Leader, Women's Ministry Participant, Stuff. And yes, I still have time to be involved with two small groups as an attendee. When I start to blog these words I see I'm very occupied as of late. All of these words come with "time" attached, and for me research and analysis goes hand in hand with all I do. I am not gainfully employed as of yet. NOPE NO paycheck for Home Girl! My Home Girl Business is very slow to take off...It is because of me, I know... God spoke to me and has a question for you, "What are "YOU" believing for?" "What is the vision He has placed in you?" Life is definitely not a mystery... it can be solved...We all have questions. "What kind of keys do you hold?" I'm not talking about your car keys or your house keys. Did you know there are "Keys" that are just within your grasp, keys that unlock your future? I'm here to tell you that you can know the mysteries of life, it will be a journey that will open so many doors that you will not even be able to scarcely take it all in! Pretty exciting huh? All it takes is faith, you know, that unseen thing! Faith is kind of like this Butterfly that just flew in my porch when I went out side for a doggy break. Think about the butterfly..., think about you..., Now be the Butterfly! "How" you ask? Well, please try to keep up with me as we delve into life as a butterfly. This will be a journey into the unseen world... There is more coming...stay tuned. You will experience life like no other!!! My Fav verses; Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Corinthians 5:7 We live by faith and not by sight.