Monday, September 17, 2012


The best way to be organized is to know you need to be organized! If you have more than you need, and find you are having trouble getting it put away or throwing it away or giving it away, you may need a professional. This is very common for people who are clutter bugs. Procrastination is a big issue. Or fear of forgetting what you have read in that 100th book you have stacking up on the floor and counters. The clothes or purses, shoes or decorator items... or what about all the crafts stuff you have, and will never do? The problem will get worse if let go. It can turn into a hoard of stuff if left untreated. A good referral for me is someone who needs help with organization of their things or if you know of someone who needs the help removing or organizing their stuff. I also work with a group of therapists for deeper issues. I just love to help people! If you need help Let me know!