Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank You Everyone!

Thank You to everyone who hired me and helped me get work for Home Girl Designs! Home Girl Designs has established many nice new clients thanks to the cleaning special ! I will still be taking new clients. However the 6 month special is complete! The hourly rate is still very affordable! If you need help please call me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cleaning Services Anyone?

Hello everyone! Does anyone get really nervous when they think about the holidays fast approaching? I have a simple remedy! A clean house! I'm offering a six month cleaning special for only $10.00 and hour. I will come and spiff up your home right before your guests arrive for the holidays! Call me soon for the best availability! Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Even The Little Sins

Even the Little Sins; I know... isn't it easier to forget these? I just push them around in my head. I try not to dwell on them. Today I had a come to Jesus meeting with my King , I was summoned to the throne room. I've been kind of in the wait room of late... Just hanging out! It's not really all that much fun living in the wait room. I've been listening to a voice lately, Not my voice let me tell you. This voice does not know how to shut up so I was summoned today and given a small lesson as to how to shut it up and why I need to shut it up. The King told me that I need to tell Him everything that is going on in my world... What has been happening with my spiritual realm life. There are constants in this realm that affect every moment of everyday for the child of God. The Lord asked me to take an inventory of everything that is filed and recorded as of recent past and present "now time." I went over the things that were standing out to me, but only after His prompting me to remember. I found I had somethings that were beginning to grow... some bad seeds. It was time to weed the Garden of my mind. He started showing me what to pull up. I told my King, "Father, I want to stab this enemy right in the heart and cut off his head." He said go ahead. "Yeah," I thought, So I took out my sword and cut the head of the demon off! I saw it happen, I received the visual! He was a gooey little creature, now he has no head, I sent back to hell in this condition...It was awesome! The Holy Spirit Fell on me in such a way...after I sent the demon back to hell headless! The King Loves it when we use our weapons of mass destruction. My point to you is this. The enemy uses anything he can to do his work, Let me tell you the enemy is the craftiest creature known to this world seen and unseen. He will make the sin feel sooo good...AT FIRST! Please be very aware who the enemy is. He is working on God's children in more that one way. He the devil does not want us God's children to be affective here on earth, take time to do your personal inventory when it comes to your heart. It must be guarded and protected above all else. The Spirit of God resides there and He will show you crystal clear where the sin seeds are growing. Cut, pull ,rip them out! even if you don't want to...It will be much worse later if you let them grow, they have really powerful roots if left and they send out runners as well. Protect the Kingdom, keep yourself weed free! xoxo Words from The Original Home Girl...Diana

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Garden Special

Hello Everyone! Guess what time it is??? You guessed it... It's time for your own Winter Garden! We are all so blessed to live in the south especially in winter! We can garden all year round. This month in November I'm offering a starter color garden
For only $75.00 I will come out to your home to do a consultation, set up a time and day to do the install. The ground cover will be approximately 24 feet of color at full bloom. The install comes with 12 blooming plants. Each plant covers approximately 24" at full size. The plants are seasonal, but should last at least 2-3 months if properly taken care of. If you are interested call me at 941-747-3857 hm or 941-807-0516 cell. The flowers shown here are impatiens, begonia, petunia! But there are several others I can suggest. There are so many ideas when it comes to style and design in the garden! Come on... make your home a beautiful refreshing oasis of color! Everyone who passes by will be blessed!