Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slippery Slope

Hello and Greetings in Jesus Name! Yahushua is His real name! Praises always to YAH! Our Elohim! The almighty Father, Abba! I have a couple things to share in regards to teaching and discipleship. I know I should encourage you all to do your own study and research but I really want to help those of you who are really too busy! I do not condone "too busy" but my compassion level for the tired and sick is extremely high so here goes. I write what Abba tells me to write. This is for those of you who want the truth. Please be aware of these attitudes listed below. Abba has these listed in levels according to Romans 1. The way it reads is backwards to the degrading levels. So He had me write it out simple like for those who need it done the easy way. The Holy Set Apart Scriptures are always pretty simple if you really want to know the truth! The (RUWACH) Holy Spirit is there to teach you Himself!  The attitudes listed below can quickly degrade into the second or third level if not kept in check by the daily washing of "The Word" so please keep in mind this is what we who are followers of the way need to practise daily, taking up our crosses to follow Him. It is not always easy and soon enough will become increasingly hard as the day soon approaches. America is in the middle of the shift now, things will get increasingly worse as time goes on. So it is good to get into the practise of what Abba requires of His children, OBEDIENCE! If we love Abba we will obey Him. Our life style should be Set Apart from the worlds. According to Romans 1 there are levels of degradation in attitude and or lifestyle if you do not keep watch, guarding your heart. Romans 1:19 says; because that which is known of Elohim is manifest among them, for Elohim has manifest it to them. He has shown us that He is Creator of everything. It starts out good for everyone! Every person is accountable for what they end up believing. We all get to make our own choice in what we believe.  LEVEL ( 1.) Please be aware if you see yourself in any of these attitudes. If you practise any of these daily, or if they are becoming who you are. Being subscribed to these attitudes and lifestyles gives power and strength to the enemy in your life. If you approve of any of these practises then take note and make the necessary changes Abba requires. It's not too late!   ( A.) Whisperers- falsely accusing secretly- slander- making up lies about someone and then spreading it secretly as the truth.   ( B.) Haters of Elohim- Hateful to Abba, irreverent, profane or wicked to Abba. Extreme dislike, bearing ill will toward God, detestable. To act, speak or practise wickedness in Abbas face.  ( C.) Insolent- arrogant- disrespectful- rude In front of Abbas face or in His Face.  ( D.) Proud- Appearing above others- conspicuous i.e. haughty, striking, noticeable, outstanding prominent, eminent.  ( E.) Boasters- Vagrancy, wondering around without a purpose, braggart, boastful talking- speak too much in praise of oneself or possessions.    ( F.) Devisers of evil- Greek word for deviser is Sophizo- it means to; devise- wisdom- worldly or evil- a or in a sinister acceptation, to form "sophisms" i.e. to continue plausible error:- cunningly devised, make wise (worldly)     ( G.) Disobedient to Parents- Rebellion.   ( H.) Without Discernment- Argumentative, quarrelsome. Someone who refuses to learn by discriminating between varying conditions, they refuse to determine or decide between good or evil according to the truth of Abba's Word.  They will not test, prove or scrutinize so as to decide between the good and evil. The Word tells us to judge for ourselves after we have tested. Lk 12:56. The Greek word is "dokimazo" it signifies "to test, prove, scrutinize, so as to decide." It is translated "discern" in the RV "interpret." These people will not take the time to discern.  ( I. ) Covenant Breakers- people who do not keep covenants, contracts, mutual agreements. i.e. refusing to abide by the covenants made, faithless, dealing treacherously- transgression- terrorists. A state of peace interrupted by the unrighteous.   ( J.) Unloving- the opposite nature of God. Unloving can be known by actions it prompts. Unloving people will not want to talk about the "ultimate gift"  Abba's Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. There will be no "Fruit of the Spirit" Their primary object will not be the worship and praise of Abba. There will be no obedience to His Commands; Jn 14:15, 21, 23, 15:10, 1Jn 2:5, 5:3, 2Jn 6 as the Holy Scripture states. Self will, that is self pleasing is the negation of God's love. Unloving people will not seek out the welfare of all people Ro 15:2. Unloving people work " ill will "  in the lives of others around them. Ro 13:8-10.  Unloving people will not seek opportunities to do good to all men and especially to the household of faith. Gal 6:10, 1Cor 13, Col 3:12-14.  ( K. ) Unforgiving- Holding all sin and debt against people. The unforgiving will not cancel debts, it is how they think! The Greek Word "Apoluo" means to let loose from. "Apo" means- From.  "Luo" means To loose. To release- is translated "Forgive" "Ye shall be released" this reference being to setting a person free as a "Quasi"- definition; seemingly, resembling but not actually being. "Judicial"- definition; of or by a court or Judge; proper to a Judge: discriminating. We are commanded to forgive in this way; in other words we sit as a "Quasi sitting Judge" over the person who sinned against us, proclaiming release to the sinner. Lk 6:37.  ( L. ) Ruthless- pitiless, merciless." Pitiless" this person has No Sympathy or sorrow for others who are suffering or are in a regrettable position. "Merciless" these people will allow and condone inflictions so as to cause suffering, even though they have the right to stop it from happening, they have the power to inflict the punishment and so they do it, they have NO COMPASSION.  This is the completion of level one, if you find yourself in even the smallest way similar to your own heart attitude Repent quickly, take note and guard your heart so as not to engage in these behaviors any more, Pray often to Abba, keep short accounts with Him, Praise and worship regularly. You will win the race and finish victoriously if you pay attention! It is not too late for you in this level.   LEVEL ( 2 ) If you have found yourself in the above level 1 and do not repent you can sink lower, very easily into level 2 without you noticing. When you sink down into level 2 this level is compounded upon level 1. This is a dangerous place to be, watch out! Be very aware this will only make matters worse for you spiritually, it is literally playing with Hell Fire. Repent before you sink. Level two is dangerous because the wording from "The Holy Word" describes this level as  "filled."  The Greek word for filled is; "pleroo". Which comes from the word "pleres" which means covered over,  to make replete, i.e. (lit) to cram (a net) level up (a hollow) To get out of this level will take work, hard work. Your whole life will be dedicated to fighting, you may never get 100% free from this level of influence, like a drug addict, they have to fight the urges there whole life.However there is very Good News,  Abba is very compassionate and will help those of us who have sunk into this level, some of the best followers are from this level they are heroes and teach others what they know and what they must do to get free! Abba loves us all and has 100% total forgiveness for everyone who seeks His forgiveness through repentance.  He has a marvelous plan for us all in whatever position we find our self, it is not too late for you. My advise to you is repent and turn back, If you sink to level 3 there is little hope.  ( 1. ) FILLED WITH ENVY- Ill will- these people are extremely happy and joyful when they see someone who gets hurt. When bad things like trials and tribulations happen to people this is the highlight of their day. They have jealously and spite for people, in other words they just don't trust people who are faithful- because of their envy, they are suspiciously watchful. There spite for people causes them to intend evil upon a person, they are unkind and moved by hatred.  The people who become the objects of their extreme envy are the closest people in their lives, the people who they live with or work with, it can be neighbors, or anyone in general. It is a way of life for these people. I'm talking about people who call themselves Christians believe it or not.   ( 2. ) FILLED WITH MURDER- These people either think this way or act out and actually do the deed. Killing or slaughter. They want to deprive someone of their life. They are bent on destroying someone. Neutralizing someone works too! This can be accomplished in many forms of abuse, mental, verbal, physical, etc. They want to defeat the person cause the person to suffer in pain.   ( 3. ) FILLED WITH FIGHTING- controversy, disputes, debates over issues. It never stops, they never stop. Striving, conflict and constant quarreling, no peace in the house, never.  ( 4. ) FILLED WITH DECEIT-  guileful, cunning deceit, genius deceit, fraud, criminal deception, insincere, not straightforward.   ( 5. ) FILLED WITH EVIL HABITS- Primarily "Badness" Inquality- wickedness, depravity, malignity, denotes maliciousness, the opposite of excellence. A vicious character generally. You still have a little bit of time if you find yourself in any of these 5 categories. My advise to you is to REPENT NOW AND TURN BACK! The next level is virtually impossible to get out of only by the Grace and Mercy of Abba and many faithful praying for you to escape. The odds are not great.  I call this last level the WORTHLESS MIND.  LEVEL ( 3 ): Possibly not available for escape, but only by the Grace and Mercy of Elohim will people escape this level of depravity. People who have sunk to this level have had their chance. Abba gives us all the opportunity to come back, He is Just and Full of Compassion, Mercy and Grace. In this level people have a view of the Almighty Yah as worthless. They do not think of Abba as a worthwhile knowledge to possess. So Elohim has no other option but to give them over to a worthless mind, to do what is improper.   ( 1. ) THEY ARE FILLED WITH "ALL" UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. All means all in the Bible. These people are completely consumed with unrighteousness, they are TORAH LESS. No rules apply to these people. Literally in every deceit of unrighteousness. Antichrist and his ministers will not be restrained by any scruple from word or deeds calculated to deceive. 2 Thess 2:12 talks about people who find pleasure in unrighteousness. These people are morally evil. They have a distaste for the Truth, this is a precursor of the rejection of the Truth.  ( 2. ) THEY ARE FILLED WITH WHORING. Addiction to committing fornication, continually, and in a great amount. They have exchanged the Love of the Father for other things; adultery, idolatry. These people habitually look for love in all the wrong places. Pornography, illicit sexual intercourse. Indulging in fornication, actually giving themselves up to fornication, implying excessive indulgence.   ( 3. ) THEY ARE FILLED WITH WICKEDNESS. This is a mindset takeover in depravity and malice. They plot sins. They are filled to the brim with ill will and spite. They feel the ultimate happiness and joy when bad things happen to people. It gives them all the joy in the world to see or be involved in evil plots against people or animals or anything good that Abba has made.   ( 4. ) THEY ARE FILLED WITH GREED. These people want to hold and desire more. They are eager for gain. They are involved in cheating people out of their possessions. Defrauding is a way of life. They are extortionists, covetousness is how they practise and perfect their lives. They practise greediness. this is a complete mind takeover and lifestyle. These people practise deception for gain. ( 5. ) THEY ARE FILLED WITH EVIL. This is a total takeover of the mind with evil. Their mind is completely worthless, (intrinsically, such) because of the effects. They have a Depraved Mind: Bad, Evil, Based on doing harm, Ill, Noisome, Wicked. Trouble to the nth degree. I hope you find this information helpful. Please help others and pass on this information which is totally Bible Based. Repent and publically profess faith in Jesus Christ (Yahushua, Jesus real name) and you will be saved! Shalom, Diana