Monday, March 18, 2013

Let me die the death of the righteous

Let me die the death of the righteous .  What does this mean to you? This statement can have different meanings for Christians. Will we as American Christians ever look at life this way, or even state this as a proclamation over our life? Do people see Christ in us? Would the world say after knowing you, "They are a people happy, above all others, not only in life, but at death, from their knowledge of the true God, because of their hope through His grace. Do you feel this way ?  Do you live this way? Do your neighbors know you well enough to see Jesus through you? People should be able to see something different in you. They should hear something different in you. They should almost smell something different in you, the aroma of Christ! That something is His Holy Spirit living through you! Should we as Christ followers Interject our faith through Jesus Christ into every conversation with the lost and dying world? I think yes, we should. I met a lady who is in her 70's and she said she never knew that she needed to accept Jesus Christ. She never heard this. I had a wake up call. We need to be radical in our walk for The Lord ! Everyone we meet should know that we are Christ followers. I needed to repent from my complacency about spreading the gospel to the lost and dying world around me. By His Grace I am saved, by His Grace my neighborhood can be saved!

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