Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deborah, Judge and Prophetess what can she teach us?

This commentary is a commentary based on the Holy Scriptures and Biblical commentary as well as my thoughts and feelings as the Holy Spirit was leading and impressing upon me what He was teaching me.                                                                                                                                   Deborah called on her own soul to be in earnest. Have you ever called-on your soul to be in earnest? Do we even know what earnest means? Looking up the word "earnest" in the Roget's Thesaurus helps me to understand how I need to call on my soul. This practise is especially good for self encouragement, through Praising our Savior Jesus Christ. Earnest means willingness. This practice is great for when we get into spiritual ruts. The self is always wanting to be rebellious to God's ways. It is motivated to the easy way the comfortable way of doing life. What feels good. What we can get out of others. How much money we can make or save as a first place directive in our life. These ways are not God's ways. They end up being contrary to following Christ. Another word to describe earnest is; voluntariness, this is a willing mind and heart, a disposition, inclination, leaning, frame of mind. It is a desire, a will. A labor of love, self appointed task, in other words a volunteer! The opposed view is the "Self Promotion" practice. In our culture this becomes an idol form of worship. It takes first place in our mind, above all else. Going back to Deborah, she was calling on herself to be earnest because of the huge effect that it was about to have on the people God was going to use! It works the same way with us. He that will set the hearts of other men on fire with the love of Christ, must himself burn with love. "Praising God" is a work we should awake to, and awake ourselves unto. Praising God fires up people. They will see, hear and even smell the Holy Spirit on you and around you. You will walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Deborah noticed who fought against Israel, and who fought for them, as well as who kept away. We too will notice who is fighting the good fight, and who is fighting against "Him" and against the good work. When Deborah noticed who fought against them, she made this observation, "They were obstinate enemies to God's people, therefore the more dangerous." Deborah noticed as well those who fought for them. The several tribes that helped are here spoken of with honour; for though God is above all to be glorified, those who are employed must have their due praise, to encourage others. But the whole creation is at war with those to whom God is an enemy. This is a very serious situation, when even the whole creation is fighting against the enemies of God. The challenge here is to research and ask yourself if you are acting as an enemy of God, are you going in the direction of the Holy Spirits leading, the narrow way, or if you are living in rebellion to His Word? What is happening in your life? Are there many road blocks? Are you stumbling? Do you have many hurdles? These are a few ways the Heavenly Father may be trying to get your attention, He wants to speak into our lives, and if we are not hearing Him, the Great Shepherd may use the whole of creation to redirect our wondering sheep hearts back to the fold by using obstacles in creation, whatever it takes, you are worth it! Sometimes it can look the same for the children of God and the enemies of God, the whole creation will fight against them, the outcome is the proof who you belong too! When a child of God gets lost He will come and find them. He will look for His Sheep! When He finds us, we know Him! The response we have is repentance, and we will have renewed praise and adoration for our Lord! We will honor Him as our King. Respect will come for Him as we rededicate our life to serve Him in whatever position He chooses for us. He has the best position for you! He made you for the work He has assigned for you, you are the only one who can do the job, no one can fill your shoes only you! The correction will come because He cares for His wayward sheep, we all go astray from time to time. If there is no correction coming for you then this is the time to be afraid, you may not be in the sheepfold, in other words you may not be a true child of the King. You can change this today, just believe... Jesus is the only way...! He came to seek and save those who are lost. Will you believe today, give your life to Him to direct you and guide you along life's great and narrow highway? Will you will choose eternal life?  His blood and body were given as a sacrifice for you! Accept the free gift of Salvation through the blood of Jesus. All that they said about Him in the Bible is true!  Going back to the story; The river of Kishon fought against their enemies. At most times it was shallow, yet now, probably by the great rain that fell, it was so swelled, and the stream so deep and strong, that those who attempted to pass, were drowned. Deborah's own soul fought against them. When the soul is employed in holy exercises, and heart-work is made of them, through the grace of God, the strength of our spiritual enemies will be trodden down, and will fall before us. We have power through the Holy Spirit to help in the Good Fight! She observes who kept away, and did not side with Israel, as might have been expected. Thus many are kept from doing their duty by the fear of trouble, the love of ease, and undue affection to their worldly business and advantage. Narrow, selfish spirits care not what becomes of God's church, so that they can but get, keep, and save money. All seek their own, Php 2:21. A little will serve those for a pretence to stay at home, who have no mind to engage in needful services, because there is difficulty and danger in them. But we cannot keep away from the contest between the Lord and his enemies; and if we do not actively endeavour to promote his cause in this wicked world, we shall fall under the curse against the workers of iniquity. Though He needs no human help, yet he is pleased to accept the services of those who improve their talents to advance his cause. He requires every man to do so.                                                                               12 Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song: arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam. 

20 They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.

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